Pre K and Up

School of the Soldier
Pre K and Up
1 Hour

This award winning program is an (1) hour in length and features an interactive program in which participants learn what life was like for a member of the United States Colored Troops.  

A historical interpreter, portraying a Union soldier will greet participants and provide a brief introduction to the Museum, the Mission and the Civil War.  Participants will learn what type of equipment a soldier would have carried, what items are included in the basic soldier's uniform and overall experiences of a member of the United States Colored Troops.  

Participants may also engage in an interactive soldier's drill and learn basic army commands.  A visit  to the Museum is not complete without a march to the African American Civil War Memorial to see the 209,145 names listed there.

Time permitting participants may explore the Museum's exhibit utilizing a fun scavenger hunt and or include one of the Museum's selected films (Recommended only for groups 6th grade and up).  For elementary and early childhood age children please inquire about adding a story segment to your program.